the Cheese factory

Born about 25 years ago it boasts a high quality production together with an advanced technology in this industry.
The production cycle starts collecting milk from farms selected for quality, breeding care and pastures, where the sheep feeding is realized in close contact with nature.

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Caseificio Conti collects and transforms exclusively sheep’s milk coming from breeding in neighbouring areas, such as Cammarata, San Giovanni Gemini, Palazzo Adriano, Prizzi, Lercara Friddi and Castronovo.
All of them are authorized to sell milk, according to the D. P. R. 54/97 and possess a valid Brucellosis certification.
Breeders are obliged to keep milk in refrigerating cisterns used for storage, taking the highest care of hygiene and cleanness.

From time to time the factory sends one of his experts to make the necessary examinations for the sanitary safety in order to avoid  any possible fraud (adding water or different types of milk, for example).

The cheese factory makes only products made of sheep’s milk :

  • sheep’s cheese
  • sheep’s caciotta
  • sheep’s ricotta
  • sugared ricotta cream

Equipments and Structures

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