Pdf Acrobat files for single products:
- Fresh sheep’s cheese primo sale (slightly salted)
- Fresh sheep’s cheese primo sale with spices
- Fresh sheep’s cheese primo sale with pepper
- Half-seasoned pepper coated sheep’s cheese
- Half-seasoned sheep’s cheese with whole pepper
- Seasoned sheep’s cheese
- Seasoned sheep’s cheese with pepper
- Sheep’s caciotta
- Fresh sheep’s ricotta
- Confectionery ricotta (sugared ricotta cream)


Half-done  paste product made from pasteurized sheep’s cheese presamic coagulation, it is offered in various sizes ranging from 0,800 Kg (to be eaten fresh) to 25,00 Kg (to be seasoned).
Among the intermediate sizes the 6 and 8 Kg ones are used to make half-seasoned cheese like the black pecorino, typically coated by ground black pepper.
In the different sizes cheese can be “white” (without aromatic herbs), with whole black pepper or chilli.
Every production is marked by a progressive lot number showing the working code and year with the expiring date and all the other information useful to protect the consumers and the factory interests, in such a delicate sector.

Even if the factory is technologically advanced, cheese is made with traditional methods to obtain a safe product of the highest quality.

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It is produced with the same system used for pecorino, changing the coagulation temperatures.
Breaking the curd and stewing it we obtain a soft cheese with a smooth surface, different from pecorino which is “canestrato” (with weaved stripes made by basket tubs).
Usually we season this cheese for a few days until it becomes similar to stracchino, then it is vacuumpacked and sold.
Sheep’s caciotta is also aromatized with olives, rucola, chilli, black pepper, pistachios, walnuts and chives (erba cipollina), according to the customers requests.

Using the whey from milk processing and adding other raw sheep’s milk we obtain the sheep’s ricotta, directly sold when it’s fresh and also used as a raw material for the production of typical Sicilian cakes and ice creams.
The same traditional methods are used here, in particular we use to take manually ricotta out by means of large ladles  to store it into vacuumpacked food containers.
An automated packaging system permits to put a plastic film on the food container and to make vacuum in order to guarantee a better preservation of the product.

When we have a bigger production a special machine is used; it permits the automatic collection of ricotta out from the double bottom (automatic ricotta collector) and the subsequent placing into plastic basket tubs to drip the whey.

Ricotta is partly used to be sugared: it is very much requested and appreciated by Confectionery at Christmas, Easter times and other festivities when we have the highest demand of ricotta cakes. Ricotta is well drained and dried inside the cool rooms, then it is mixed with the right amount of sugar and after having been homogenised it is placed into sterilized mono use food containers.
After the thermal welding vacuum packaging and labelling, the containers are placed inside a killing heat tunnel through which, in a few hours, sugared ricotta cream temperature is lowered at -18°C and kept in special cool rooms.

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